03 | 20 | 2018

Kick Butts Day 2018

NYC Smoke-Free KBD Events 2018

Kick Butts Day 2018

Written by Ayo Alli, Manhattan Reality Check/Youth Engagement Coordinator

Kick Butts Day (KBD) is a national day of awareness that encourages and empowers youth to stand out, speak up and advocate against the dangerous products and marketing of tobacco companies (Big Tobacco). Every year, NYC Smoke-Free (NYCSF) organizes several events and collaborates with our partners to raise awareness across New York City. This year KBD will be on March 21st and here are the details of what we have planned on the actual day and across the week. UPDATE: check with your borough RC Coordinator to find out about rescheduled events.


Students at the Academy of Mount St. Ursula will be hosting an afternoon of games and advocacy. They will be conducting Smoke-Free Family Feud game with their peers based on tobacco trivia. This will be an opportunity for students to teach and educate their peers about how tobacco company marketing tactics and campaigns are used as way to target youth and encourage addiction to their products. Every year, tobacco companies spend up to $9 billion on marketing and since a good amount of that is geared towards youth, this activity is an important part of making Mount St. Ursula students aware its direct effect on them.


Reality Check teens in Brooklyn participated in Community Board 14's 11th annual Youth Conference at the Flatbush YMCA. The students hosted sessions on the role teens play in tobacco control advocacy. 


There will be a series of events happening in Manhattan RC youth at local high schools. The School of the Future and Urban Assembly School of Green Careers are both hosting separate KBD events with the theme focused on tobacco imagery in Hollywood films over the last 30 years. Using visual striking images and display in a central area on school grounds, students will show how tobacco imagery in movies has evolved over time and yet still maintains the overall goal of encouraging people to pick up the habit. These visual displays illustrate the glamorization of dangerous tobacco products through film and how it has influenced and continues to influence youth especially. Both events are being organized by the Reality Check youth advocacy groups at their schools.


Reality Check students in Queens are planning a day of activism within their schools. RC youth will mobilize their peers to speak up and seize control against Big Tobacco by spearheading a postcard letter writing campaign urging their elected officials to take action to protect them and their community from the devastating tobacco epidemic. 

In addition to all of the pre and post KBD activities, NYC Smoke-Free is collaborating with both Futures and Options and the Charles B. Wang Community Health Center to host high school student fellows to further spread the word and encourage a healthy smoke-free lifestyle through various media projects. The collboration between our organizations only increases our oppotunities to develop youth advocates in tobacco control.