10 | 13 | 2017

Seen Enough Tobacco Day

Seen Enough Tobacco Day
Written by Vonetta Dudley, Bronx Reality Check Coordinator
Tobacco use is still the leading cause of preventable death, killing over 12,000 NYC residents annually.
"ADVERTISING and PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES by TOBACCO COMPANIES have been shown to cause the ONSET and CONTINUATION OF SMOKING amond adolsescents and young adults" - U.S. Surgeon General
Today, Friday October 13, 2017, NYC Smoke-Free and all Advancing Tobacco Free Communities contractors across New York State are recognizing “Seen Enough Tobacco Day” (SET Day), urging youth and community members are to stand up against the predatory marketing practices of the tobacco industry.  
Tobacco marketing product has been proven to be one of the causes of youth smoking, essentially marking youth people as “replacement smokers”.  The average age of a new smoker is 13 years old and 90% of adults who are current smokers say they started before age 18. Fortunately, the new  tobacco laws in NYC will make tobacco less accessible by (1) preventing tobacco retail proliferation and placing a cap on the number of tobacco retail outlets in each community district; (2) end the sale of tobacco products in pharmacies; and (3) raise the minimum price of tobacco products to one of the highest in the country. 
In further recognition of SET Day, the NYC Smoke-Free team partnered with City Hall and received a letter from Mayor Bill de Blasio highlighting the importance of tobacco control and the importance of continued education about tobacco density and ending the tobacco epidemic in communities throughout NYC.