About The Project: 

The Flat Phil Project will engage youth and raise awareness about the effects of smoking and tobacco marketing on our communities. Flat Phil, short for Philip, is a cartoon caricature of a big tobacco company executive and was created by the youth internship program at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center's SmokeFree Project. Campaign participants will take pictures of the cut-out character and add captions or messages to show how big tobacco targets our communities with their deadly products.  For example, Phil has been spotted in front of tobacco advertisements and cheering for cigarette power walls as well as roaming smoke-free parks and apartment buildings scheming what he can do to next to counter effective tobacco control efforts.     

Getting Involved:

Pictures can be submitted via email and shared on social media. A printable blank black and white version of Flat Phil is available for participants to color in or design however best represents a specific organization, community, or individual.  For example, the flame for the LGBT Community Center's Flat Phil is colored in rainbow.  Information about tobacco control and the Coalition's work around smoke-free housing, tobacco marketing and product accessiblity, and secondhand smoke expsoure outdoors is all available.  


Almost 90% of adult smokers start smoking by age 18. It is our goal to engage younger populations creatively in the fight against the tobacco industry. We will collect pictures of Flat Phil from all five boroughs of New York City and beyond to fight against the growing prevalence of Big Tobacco, create awareness, and educate about tobacco industry tactics and heavy marketing.

What Are You Waiting For?  

Visit our various social media sites to see what Phil is up to, print and design your own character, and share your photo and message widely!