The use of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS), more commonly known as e-cigarettes, or vaping, has significantly increased over the past few years. ENDS are considered tobacco products because they deliver nicotine derived from tobacco. No matter how it's delivered, nicotine is addictive and the use of ENDS is a gateway to the use of other tobacco products, including cigarettes, cigars, hookah, and smokeless tobacco—especially among youth. NYC Smoke-Free is committed to protecting New Yorkers, especially youth, from being lured into a lifetime of nicotine addiction.


Key Facts:

  • Ends are considered tobacco products becuase they contain nicotine - a derivative of tobacco. 
  • Use of ENDS is strongly linked to the use of other tobacco products, including cigarettes, cigars, hookah, and smokeless tobacco—especially among youth.
  • ENDs are not FDA-approved as a quit aid and have been linked to serious health risks.
  • According to NYS data, e-cig use among youth has doubled during the past year

Despite a steady decline in cigarette use among youth in New York State, ENDS use is increasing dramatically — nearly doubling between 2014-2016. The use of ENDS is higher among NY high school students than adults, with 43.8% of students reporting having tried e-cigarettes. The tobacco industry is using manipulative and predatory marketing tactics to advertise e-cigarettes and other ENDS products to young people to lure them into becoming the next generation of smokers. These products are heavily marketed using approaches that were banned for cigarettes in the 1990s to tackle youth-targeted marketing. Tactics include attractive flavors, celebrity endorsements, alluring branding with words like “candy,” and fun designs that resemble toys.

As a fairly new type of product, there is no long-term research into the health effects of using ENDS. It is widely believed that use of e-cigarettes is less harmful than conventional smoking. However, nicotine in any form is highly addictive and harmful. These products produce chemical-containing aerosols, which can cause eye and respiratory irritation, as well as airway constriction. ENDS can contain flavorants including Diacetyl, which is life-threatening when heated up, and is linked to lung diseases like Popcorn Lung. They also include volatile organic compounds and heavy metals, such as nickel, tin, and lead.

Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems represent an evolution in a long history of tobacco products in the United States. The popularity of e-cigarettes and other ENDS products has the potential to damage NYC’s hard-earned progress in comprehensive tobacco control and efforts in ending the deadly tobacco epidemic.



CDC Infographic: https://www.cdc.gov/tobacco/basic_information/e-cigarettes/pdfs/Electronic-Cigarettes-Infographic-508.pdf