Key Issues

New York has been a global leader in the fight against Big Tobacco. Both New York City and State have enacted laws and policies that lead to reduced rates of smoking, protect all New Yorkers from secondhand smoke and tobacco marketing, and discourage youth from ever starting the deadly habit.

In addition to legislation and policy initiatives, cigarette tax increases at the city, state, and federal level over the past ten years have made the cost of a pack of cigarettes in New York City the one of highest in the United States, which has been a major contributor to the smoking rate falling to a record low.

See below for highlights of existing tobacco control laws in New York CityNew York State, and nationwide.

Tobacco Disparities

The tobacco epidemic is far from over and tobacco-related health disparities still affect many New Yorkers, especially the most vulnerable.

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Housing Inequality

Smoke-free housing should not be a luxury out of reach. All New Yorkers - including families in public or affordable housing - deserve to live free from harmful secondhand smoke pollution in their homes.

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Tobacco Proliferation

In far too many NYC neighborhoods, a child is more likely to find tobacco outlets than libraries or playgrounds.

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Tobacco Marketing

The tobacco industry spends over $200 million each year marketing their deadly and addictive products to New Yorkers. 

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Youth Tobacco Access

Protect NYC's youth from deadly and addictive tobacco products by making sure they are never cheap, sweet, and easy to get.

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