NYC Smoke-Free at Public Health Solutions, in partnership with the NY State Tobacco Control Program, has launched a number of successful media campaigns to support our tobacco control and smoke-free policy areas.  Our ads appeared on telephone kiosks, bus shelters, and ferries throughout the city. 


2015 Campaigns

The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and New York Daily News are some of the top media outlets that featured this photo.

NYC Smoke-Free's high-profile City Hall ad campaign is raising awareness for smoke-free housing.

2014 Campaigns



2012/2013 Campaign

2011 Campaign

  • "Tobacco Marketing Works"  Airms to educate New Yorkers about the impact of point-of-sale tobacco marketing on youth.

2010 Campaigns

  • What’s in Store for our Kids?”  Aims to educate New Yorkers about the prevalence and impact that tobacco products and point-of-sale marketing efforts have on youth smoking initiation.

  • She Saw Cigarette Butts by The SeaShore”  Aims to educate New Yorkers about the benefits of tobacco free outdoor parks and beaches. The campaign raises awareness of the environmental impact of tobacco litter, dangers of secondhand smoke and influence on children when tobacco use is not restricted.