04 | 28 | 2015

High-Profile City Hall Ad Campaign Raises Awareness for Smoke-Free Housing

All over City Hall, the message is clear: Everyone deserves to breathe clean, smoke-free air in their homes. 

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer recently inadvertently helped NYC Smoke-Free at Public Health Solutions launch our smoke-free housing advertising campaign when a newswire photo prominently featured the duo passing through subway turnstiles that carried our advertisements. Some of the many top media outlets that used the photo - adding millions of eyeballs to the campaign's reach - include: The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Daily News, and Gawker.   
NYC Smoke-Free’s high-profile 2015 advertising campaign to raise awareness for smoke-free housing can’t be missed if you’re anywhere near City Hall. The campaign will serve as daily reminders to city and state legislators, policymakers, agency staffers, opinion leaders, and hundreds of thousands of NYC residents who work around or travel through the City Hall area – one of NYC’s biggest transportation hubs – that smoke-free housing protects New Yorkers, especially children, from secondhand smoke.  
The strategic campaign consists of eye-catching placements on subway turnstiles and platforms, at station entrances and exits, and wrapped-around recycling and refuse bins, and will run through the end of May.