03 | 12 | 2012


According to the recent CDC report on youth smoking – the first on this issue in 20 years – while the nation’s tobacco use is widespread, more New York City teens are cold-shouldering the addictive habit.

The U.S. Surgeon General reported that 20% of the Nation’s teens and one in three under the age of 26 are smokers. However, local health officials report that the current smoking rates for New York City teens is 7%, much lower than the national average and a substantial decline compared to reports in 2000 indicating 18% of the city teens who smoke.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the city’s raft of anti-smoking measures has had a positive effect on helping smokers kick the habit. In a most recent survey, 14% of the city adults said they use tobacco, a record low over the past two decades.

The U.S. Surgeon General faults the Nation’s smoking rate on tobacco company’s aggressive $10 billion annual spending on marketing. In New York, over $1 million each day is spent on marketing to youth.

A comprehensive approach that counteracts Big Tobacco’s marketing practices and encourages teen to not pick up the habit is crucial, because 88% of adults who begin using tobacco started by the age of 18.


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