Explore our Resources pages to learn more about the tobacco industry’s impact on your community and to access valuable tools to fight Big Tobacco in your borough and throughout New York City.


Resources include:

Designed for Addiction: How the Tobacco Industry Has Made Cigarettes More Addictive, More Attractive to Kids and Even More Deadly: A report issued by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids that details how tobacco companies purposely design cigarettes to make tobacco smoke smoother, less harsh and more appealing to new users, especially kids, and to create and sustain addiction to nicotine.

Links: Get more information about the impact of tobacco use in New York City and across the country, the tobacco industry's deceptive marketing tactics, tobacco cessation information, what you can do to fight Big Tobacco, and other tobacco control organizations in New York City and across the country.

Making Room to Breathe: A Case Study of Smoke-Free Housing in New York City: Asian Americans for Equality’s (AAFE) case study of their experience working with tenants to make two of their residential properties smoke-free.

Missed Opportunities: What If NYC Had Increased Its Cigarette Tax Rate at the Same Time as New York State?: Fact Sheet from the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. 

New York State Tobacco-Free Colleges: Website for a statewide partnership dedicated to encouraging and supporting colleges and universitites to implement and effectively enforce 100% tobacco-free campus policies.  

Online Classes from Blue Mountain: Leading national provider of online drug awareness classes that include a focus on tobacco awareness.

Overexposed: Big Tobacco's Advertising Saturation Around New York City Schools: A new report released by the New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG) describing the prevalence of tobacco advertising in close proximity to schools.

Protecting Public Health:  Learn more about how FDA Regulation of tobacco has been protecting public health since 2009 when they banned flavored cigarettes, making cigarettes less appealing to youth.

Putting Prevention to Work in New York City: Tobacco Control at the Community Level

Smoke-Free Community Education & Media Toolkit: Learn how to educate community groups and public health advocates on best practices for effective media relations dealing with tobacco control issues.  Produced with the NY Public Interest Research Group.

Smoke-Free Housing: A Guide for Residents of NYC: An easily accessible guide developed with the Community Service Society of New York (CSSNY)

Student Smoke-Free Toolkit: A guide for campus education and media outreach surrounding tobacco control and public health issues, produced with the NY Public Interest Research Group.

Smoking Statistics: Get the facts on how tobacco is impacting New York City residents in all five boroughs.

Tobacco Control LawsAn interactive website focusing on tobacco control legislation and litigation. 

Two Shades of Green: Saving Money and Protecing Public Health in Affordable Housing: Case studies in bringing green and healthy maintenance practices to existing affordable housing.