Let’s Give the Bronx a Clean-Up

Written by Bronx Reality Check Youth Engagement Manager Angela Hanson.

One of the biggest stigmas I heard growing up in the Bronx was that my borough was not the cleanest. That stigma has persisted to this day, but regrettably, there have been more serious repercussions to deal with than only the stigma. Health disparities have been related to the pollution in the Bronx, and tobacco products are the primary problem despite their being many others involved. In addition, cigarette butts are thought to be the most prevalent type of personal litter worldwide, and the airborne smoke has been linked to numerous health issues.

Regretfully, when compared to the other NYC boroughs, the Bronx has the highest rate of hospitalizations and emergency department visits for children with asthma. Furthermore, the Bronx’s prevalent poverty neighborhoods—where people of color make up at least two thirds of the population—have the greatest rates of asthma-related morbidity.

Smoking is an environmental cause of asthma. Smoking has adverse effects on the environment and air quality, and poor air quality can lead to health problems.

Here at NYC Smoke-Free we work with the youth to combat these issues and build awareness around tobacco related issues. This month we acknowledged Earth Day with the youth at the Whitney Young Jr Campus by discussing how tobacco waste affects us in the Bronx and followed up a rock painting project. The rock painting project was a fantastic method to draw attention to the school and educate onlookers at the same time. For pictures of the event please check out our Instagram!

NYCSmokeFree at @wearephs (@nycsmokefree) • Instagram photos and videos


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