Smoking Statistics

The smoking rates in New York City are a cause for serious concern. See below some figures that highlight the impact of smoking across the City and in your borough.

Last Updated June 2021

In New York State…

  • New York State residents’ tax burden from smoking-related healthcare costs is $937 per household.(5)
  • Annual health care costs in New York State directly caused by smoking is $10.39 billion.(5)

In New York City…

  • 10.9% of residents(706,000 adults) smoke.(1)
  • 8,000 public high school students currently smoke cigarettes; one-third of whom will die prematurely as a direct result of smoking.(2)
  • More than 200,000 children are still exposed to secondhand smoke at home.(4)
  • 15.2% (37,000) public high school students report current use of an e-vapor product (2); indicating dual use of e-cigs and combustible cigarettes.

Adult Smoking Rates by Borough, 2020 (1)

Bronx 13.7 139,000
Brooklyn 11.2 219,000
Manhattan 8.1 106,000
Queens 9.6 171,000
Staten Island 19.9 71,000


Current Smoking Among Public High School Students, 2019 (2)

NYC Overall 3.3 8,000
Bronx 3.9 2,000
Brooklyn 2.3 2,000
Manhattan 4.0 2,000
Queens 3.2 2,000
Staten Island 3.9 1,000

Current E-Cigarette Use Among Public High School Students, 2019 (2)

Overall 15.2 37,000
Bronx 14.7 6,000
Brooklyn 15.2 10,000
Manhattan 14.5 7,000
Queens 14.9 10,000
Staten Island 19.9 3,000

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